Eco Friendly Printing

At YouLovePrint, we’re committed to providing you with a sustainable printing alternative. We care about the planet and understand fully the impact our products have on the environment. That’s why we are a CarbonNeutral UK printing company, working to provide green printing options to our customers and help lower your carbon footprint when you work with us.

How do we help preserve the planet? We follow an internationally recognised eco-friendly management system so that our facilities reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. We use as many recyclable materials in our manufacturing process as possible, diverting over 99% of dry waste from landfill and offer bespoke quantities meaning you only have to order what you’re going to use.

With our commitment to environmental protection, we’ve won numerous awards and recognition:

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified
  • FSC® certified (license code: FSC-C022913)
  • A CarbonNeutral® company
  • Member of Sedex the ethical supplier register
  • Won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development in 2013, 2008 & 2003

We also offer the Carbon Balanced Paper programme enabling our customers to offset their emissions through The World Land Trust

Carbon Neutral Company

As a CarbonNeutral company, we offset our carbon emissions with eco-friendly projects, helping to reduce our overall carbon footprint. What kinds of projects do we employ to remain carbon neutral? We use data learning to drive greater efficiency, allocate resources strategically to reduce waste, provide for the eco-friendly transport of our products, and use recyclable materials to produce our products.

We also provide sustainable papers for our customers to choose from, and encourage customers to balance their own carbon footprints by only printing what they need, when they need it. At YouLovePrint, we can help advise customers on writing an environmental imprint for their projects. Doing so gives your company a more positive image and encourages your colleagues and customers to make more environmentally-conscious decisions.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certified

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) offers certifications in a variety of files, including for environmental management. ISO 14001 refers to a set of standards companies can follow to improve environmental performance. Companies that meet ISO 14001 standards can be certified as well. Getting certified is a huge step companies can take to systematically improve their environmental management programs. In addition, the family of 14001 standards focuses on audits, communications, labelling, and life cycle analysis, and other challenges related to climate change and sustainability. The 14001 standard is an important tool for organisations to work on improving activities related to environmental protection.

Pureprint Group was the first company in the UK to achieve this accreditation.

About FSC Papers

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. When certain wood or paper products are FSC certified, it means they have been harvested in a socially and environmentally friendly manner. Specifically, the FSC’s Chain of Custody certification allows for tracking materials from their source, through the manufacturing process, to the end-user. FSC certified paper meets these FSC process standards. Although FSC certified paper may contain recycled paper, it doesn’t always, and containing recycled paper isn’t a requirement for FSC certification.

Pureprint Group was also the first company in the UK to achieve this certification.

Vegetable Based Inks

Vegetable oil based inks are made without using any animal products or petroleum, relying solely on plant sources. Ink pigments come from the oils in soy and other vegetables, such as linseed, tung, castor, canola, and safflower. Soy is one of the most popular bases for printing inks because it’s stable and ideal for carrying solid pigments. Soy and vegetable based ink manufacturers often use a blend of vegetable ingredients to produce inks, as the oils from each vegetable have distinct, beneficial characteristics. Printing with vegetable based inks helps reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to the environment.

Our Sustainability Accreditations

A set of standards to help organisations improve their systematic environmental management practices

FSC certified
Assurance that the paper used in our products was harvested in an environmentally and socially responsible way

CarbonNeutral company
Certification that we work to offset our carbon emissions with eco-friendly projects and initiatives. Pureprint Group was the first company in the World to become CarbonNeutral.

Sedex ethical supplier
Membership program that allows us to source and work with ethical suppliers and mitigate risks in global supply chains.

Carbon Balanced Paper programme member
Programme to help reduce the carbon impacts of paper and printed communications, in partnership with the World Land Trust.

Eco Friendly Printing FAQ

Do you offer recycled paper printing?
Yes, we do and give you the choice of printing on recycled paper on every order you place with us. Please consider though the merits of all of our other paper types which are created from sustainable and renewable sources and are inherently good for the environment.

What makes your printing company carbon neutral?
We calculate conservatively the amount of CO2 produced through the operation of our business and its activities. We seek to lower these wherever possible, such as using electricity from renewable sources and using electric vehicles. Once we have mitigated our carbon footprint, we offset the remaining emissions though financing verifiable projects through the CarbonNeutral company.

Do you use vegetable based inks?
Yes, our litho presses rely solely on inks derived from soy and vegetable oils to help reduce our impact on the environment. Vegetable based inks reduce harmful VOCs.