Your menu is one of the most important printed materials that your restaurant, café, food truck, bar, or dining establishment can hand out. It includes all your offerings and gives customers important insights as to what kind of eatery you are. A folded leaflet menu also shows off your brand style and by choosing the right colours, font, and imagery, you can make an impression on your customers. However you decide to style your menu, our menu printing services can provide you with high-quality materials that wow your customers. Choose from different paper sizes, weights, and types and opt for lamination to make your menus sturdier.

One Page Menu sizes available

Size Width (mm) Height (mm)
A3 297 420
A4 210 297
A5 148 210
A5 Long 105 297
A6 105 148
DL 105 210
DL Small 99 210
210 Square 210 210
148 Square 148 148
120 Square 120 120
100 Square 100 100
Custom size 150 265
Custom size 183 273
Matt laminationoffers an understated, soft look and feel.
Gloss laminationcatches the eye with high-contrast colors and sheen.
Soft Touch laminationadds a velvety-soft feel to print materials.
UV Matt coatingprotects the underlying material from such radiation’s harmful effects.
UV Gloss coatingprovides a brilliant glossy sheen.
Spot UV coatingused for its decorative effect as light catches the partially coated portion of the paper on a piece.
 Spot UV coating is available for sizes: A3 – A7, 105 x 297mm, 210 Square and 148mm Square, on 300gsm silk paper.
Spot 3D coatingHighlight defined areas, or add 3D effects.
 Spot 3D UV coating is available for sizes: A4 – A7, 105 x 297mm, 210 Square and 148mm Square, on 300gsm silk paper.

Folded Menu sizes available

Finish Size (after folding)

Size Width (mm) Height (mm)
A4 210 297
A5 148 210
A6 105 148
A7 74 105
A5 Long 105 297
DL Small 99 210
Custom 150 265
Custom 55 85
100 Square 100 100
105 Square 105 105
120 Square 120 120
148 Square 148 148
210 Square 210 210

Fold types available

Half Fold (Single Fold)Folded once, creating two equal halves. (4 sides)
Roll foldDivide the paper width by 3 (6 sides). The most right side is folded between the two sides to the left.
Z fold (Accordion fold)Divide the paper width by 3 (6 sides) like the shape of the letter Z.
Gate FoldThe left and right panels are roughly half of the width of the center panels and fold inward to meet in the middle without overlapping. (6 sides)

Paper types available

  • Silk
  • Recycled
  • Gloss
  • Natural
  • Uncoated

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How to Print Your Menus

How to supply your print files

You can upload print files for your menu in any way that suits you. Supply a single page or spread, upload individual files for each page or put them all into one combined file. We do recommend uploading files at 300dpi for a sharper image. Anything below 100dpi will appear pixelated. 

Menu composition

Menus are printed as folded leaflets. You can either supply print files as individual panels or as a “front” and “back” with each panel in the correct position. We advise leaving a quiet area of 3mm near the folds. 


With our menu printing service, we offer a variety of creative folding options that are sure to appeal to your customers. 


Please leave a 3mm bleed and 5mm quiet area on all menu leaflets. We ask that you not include any important content in this area. 


Lamination is available for menus if they’re printed on paper weighted at 170gsm or higher. Paper with a lighter weight will curl if we try to laminate it.

Folded Menu Types

Single-fold or Half-fold

The single-fold (also called the half-fold) is the most straightforward folding option for menus. We fold the paper once along the middle to create four printed panels: a front cover, a back cover, and two internal panels.

Letter-fold or Roll-fold (6 panels)

The letter-fold (also called the roll-fold) creates six panels and is the ideal choice for displaying a large amount of information. We fold the menu twice to produce three sections and six printed panels. The letter-fold option is also available for eight or 10 panels, but only on selected page sizes and paper types.

Double parallel-fold

When you have a long message but want to present it in an organised way, use the double parallel-fold for your menu. We fold it first in the centre of the paper, then fold it again two more times to create six sections. There’s also a four-section option available for double parallel-fold menus.


If you’re printing a folded menu as a poster, map, infographic, or other large material, use the cross-fold. We fold the paper in half, then in half again to create four sections of eight printed panels.

Z-fold (6 panels)

Choose the z-fold (also called the concertina fold) when you want to clearly split up information in your folded menu. We fold the paper twice so it resembles a Z shape, creating three sections of six printed panels.

Z-fold 8, 10, 12 panels

The z-fold option is also available in other options. We can fold it to produce four sections of eight panels, five sections of 10 panels, or six sections of 12 panels.

Gate-fold (open - 6 panels)

The gate-fold is one of our most popular options for folded menus. We fold the paper equally from either end so that both ends meet in the middle without overlapping, resembling a gate. This fold creates six panels.

Gate-fold (closed - 8 panels)

We can also apply the gate-fold to your menu to create 8 panels.

Menu Printing FAQ

The size you select in our calculator will be the final panel size. So if you order an A5 Half Fold menu, each panel will be A5 sized. We do not take an A5 sheet of paper and fold it in half.

For ease of use, we recommend uploading single panels organised within a single PDF file.

For small runs, we tend to print your menu on HP Indigos for digital printing and for larger runs of 1,000+ copies, we use Heidelberg Speedmasters for offset litho printing. For more information, please see our plant list.

Yes. All our papers are FSC® certified, we are a CarbonNeutral® company and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified. For more information, please see our sustainability accreditations.

Nope. You can enjoy full use of our web-to-print platform and customer services without paying a penny. You only pay when you’re absolutely ready to print.

Our web-to-print system accepts most file types. However, we highly recommend a 300dpi high resolution PDF for the best results. Please check your digital proofs prior to printing.

Not yet, but soon. In the meantime, we recommend adding a 3mm bleed area to the outside of your artwork and a 5mm quiet area on the inside of your artwork. For more information, visit our print file setup guide.

Yes. Once you upload your artwork files, our online printing system has a menu proofing feature to help you check your proofs, flag any issues and ask our customer service team any questions you may have before you send your job into production.

No. Printed menus are exempt from VAT.