Make your book stand out with a professional hardcover case. You’ve spent time and resources on creating a book, whether it’s a novel, autobiography, cookbook, photobook, yearbook, manual or promotional corporate literature. You want your book to present well, and nothing gives your project a professional finish like a hardcover case. We can print your book in a range of cover styles and finishes, with various paper types and trim and binding options. You can also opt for a printed dust jacket to enhance the look and feel of your book further.

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How to Print Your Hardcover Book

How to upload your files

We accept files in any way that suits you. You can send us single pages or spreads, or put all the pages of your book into one large, combined file. 


The cover for a hardback book differs from the covers for our other products. Rather than four pages making up the cover, like a brochure, a hardcover book has two pages that make up the cover. These two pages are simply your front cover and back cover. 


Endpapers are the inside front and back covers of your hardcover book. These endpapers cannot be printed on. Please note that when you are ordering a hardcover book, the endpaper pages will be locked and you will be unable to add anything to them. Pay attention to the order of your pages, as the locked endpapers may throw off your page sequence. You can choose either solid white or black endpapers. 


To make high-quality hardcover books, we need a large bleed area so the cover overhangs the inner pages. The bleed on hardback books is 20mm on all sides. Please leave this area blank or do not add any important content to it. 


The spine of your hardcover book should be a separate print file. Our online ordering system will calculate the spine depth when you add pages to your order, so you will know how large it is. We ask for a 20mm bleed on the top and bottom of the spine. 

If you plan to upload a cover spread, you do not need to upload a separate print file for the spine. We need an extra 5mm bleed to add to the front and back covers as well. 

Quiet Area

For the cover page of your hardback book, we recommend leaving a “quiet area” or margin of at least 8mm around the edge.

Hardcover Book Printing FAQ

We recommend uploading single pages organised within a single PDF file. Please upload your hardback book cover separately.

Yes. You have the option of uploading a double page spread with spine for your cover file. Or you can upload the front cover, back cover and spine file separately.

For small runs, we tend to print your hardcover books on HP Indigos for digital printing and for larger runs of 1,000+ copies, we use Heidelberg Speedmasters for offset litho printing. For more information, please see our plant list.

Yes. All our papers are FSC® certified, we are a CarbonNeutral® company and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified. For more information, please see our sustainability accreditations.

Nope. You can enjoy full use of our web-to-print platform and customer services without paying a penny. You only pay when you’re absolutely ready to print.

Our web-to-print system accepts most file types. However, we highly recommend a 300dpi high resolution PDF for the best results. Please check your digital proofs prior to printing.

Not yet, but soon. In the meantime, we recommend adding a 3mm bleed area to the outside of your interior pages and a 5mm quiet area on the inside of your interior pages. For more information, visit our print file setup guide.

Yes. Once you upload your artwork files, our online printing system has a hardcover book proofing feature to help you check your proofs, flag any issues and ask our customer service team any questions you may have before you send your job into production.

Our system will calculate the spine width of your hardcover book for you when you visit our file uploading page. Don’t forget to upload your spine file.

No. Printed hardcover books are exempt from VAT.